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Q: When should I get my wig fitted?
A: After your diagnosis it is best but not necessary for you to make your appointment before your first treatment so as we can match your hair to the best wig for you. We would also recommend you take along a friend to help you with your choice.

Q: When will I lose my hair?
A: Your hair will gradually start to fall out about sixteen days after your first chemotherapy treatment. You will notice more hair on your hair brush and some hair on your pillow, when this starts to happen we recommend that you have your hair cut as short as possible, this is a personal choice as some people prefer to wait as long as they can.

Q: Which type of wigs are best, real or synthetic?
A: Real hair wigs are much more difficult to maintain as they have to be styled back into shape after shampooing and they take much longer for delivery time about six weeks ,if you are starting treatment right away this can be to long a wait. We recommend synthetic wigs in most cases as they come ready to wear and are very realistic looking and are very easy to maintain. They keep their style as they fall back in to shape after shampooing.

Q: How long will I need to wear the wig for?
A: You will need to wear a wig for up to six months after your treatment ends. (About 1 year in total) depending on the length of your hair originally it may take some time for your hair to reach its original length, but many people inadvertently love the short style that the growing back brings.

Q: Will my hair grow back as it was before?
A: Your hair may grow back a little bit darker or lighter and it may have a slightly different texture. The first six months after your treatments will still have the effect of the chemotherapy, it will feel a little wirey, and we advise you to keep the hair trimmed in the first six months to get rid of this texture. We will also advise you on hair colour alternatives.

Q: Will the wig blow off?
A: This is everybody’s worst fear! The wigs are fitted and are very secure and you can also swim with them if you wish. One of our customers went to an air show and when hats and scarves were been blown off by a near by helicopter, her wig remained firmly attached, needless to say she was delighted. Another customer loved her convertible so much that she had a nightmare of her wig blowing off hence causing a pile-up on the motorway. Gladly the wig passed the wind tunnel test, and her nightmare became a thing of the past.

Q:How much does a wig cost?
A: Synthetic wigs cost between 300euro and 550euro and real hair cost from 800euro up to 2000euro. If you need a 2nd wig we can do this at a discount as a repeat order.